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Personal Experience Subjects in Which I Have Excelled Essay

The subjects I excel in are math and science. Every since I was adolescent, I have always had a keen sense of numbers. This undoubtedly helped a lot with the variety of science classes that utilize math skills. Science, though, is, without a doubt, the subject I excel in the most, and I have my extraordinary great-grandmother to thank for that. Around when I was eight, I found out my great-grandmother had cancer which was gradually making her health decline. Eventually the cancer had spread to her legs and within a time span of a year, she had become a double amputee. Being so close to my great-grandmother, this hit me hard, but I felt no sorrow because I knew she was a strong woman, and, being naive at that age, I hadnt thought this†¦show more content†¦I found nothing. It wasn’t until one day when I started searching the web for physicians who dealt specifically with pain that I found the career that I still dream of becoming today, an anesthesiologist. I read for hours and watched numerous videos on the types of procedures anesthesiologist performed and the requirements to become an anesthesiologist. In my mind, I knew this sudden dream to become an anesthesiologist was far-fetched, but, in my heart, I believed this was the key to helping my great-grandmother get better. Years later, now older and wiser, I realize the specifics of the career I have chosen and how it won’t benefit my great-grandmother as much as I had hoped it would have. Even so, this life changing event has benefited me in numerous ways. Academically-wise, I have never received a grade lower than a B in any of my science classes throughout my high school career, and I am the president of the peer to peer Science tutoring club. I enjoy tutoring students about the different aspects of science that go unnoticed even though we utilize science everyday in our lives. I occasionally tell them what inspired me to love science so much in hopes that I can influence my fellow p eers to look at science differently. My favorite science subject, specifically, is biology. I have always been intrigued in how things are alive and how the human body canShow MoreRelatedChoosing the Right University632 Words   |  3 PagesI believe choosing the right University is an important decision for me which will influence my future. I have a particular interest in studying Accountancy and it is something I have been looking into at great detail over the past few years. I see myself as a hardworking and determined individual who has an ambition to make a difference in how people see me in society. To enhance this I knew the next step to achieve that ambition was to get into a respectable and illustrious university. ThroughRead MoreAn Era Of Information Technology1645 Words   |  7 Pageshair dryer; I would urge to decode its working process. There was a cyber cafe near my house and seeing people queuing up to use the computer left me in awe. My mother seeing my interest brought me my first computer when I was in 4th grade and it all started from there. Which one to buy, how fast it would be, what games I could play on it, how big was the world of internet; all these questions were a natural fallout. In the beginning it was mostly playing games in the computer but slowly I started discoveringRead MoreThe Education System Of The 21st Century1083 Words   |  5 Pagesall, which begs to question, what is the purpose of education in the 21st century. As with any big question, there are multiple takes on the higher education system in America. Walter Kirn, a Princeton Alumni, describes education as a â€Å"meritocracy,† where those with merit, or wealth in this case, can rise to the top, in a personal narrative – Lost in the Meritocracy - describing what education in the 21st century is. His experiences show us the life of an Ivy Leaguer in modern times, which is veryRead MorePersonal Reflection On Social Work850 Words   |  4 Pagesseme ster of my junior year when I was enrolled in Social Work 205 and sociology. I had finally found subjects that I thoroughly enjoyed and academically excelled in. The events and experiences in my past and the current activities in which I am involved, have helped me narrow my studies to solely social work and has took part in shaping my hopes and plans for my first entry-level position in my chosen career after receiving my degree from WKU. My current studies have shaped my mind solely to becomeRead MoreJohn Bordley Rawls s Theory Of Justice Essay903 Words   |  4 Pagesanother, both of his younger brothers contracted diseases from him and died. Diphtheria in one case and pneumonia in the other. Rawls’s vivid sense of the arbitrariness of fortune may have stemmed in part from this early experience. His only remaining brother went to collage at Princeton for undergraduate studies and excelled in athleticism. Rawls followed his brother’s example and went to Princeton to gain his Ph.D, and is also where he developed a large amount of his theories. After John earned his PhRead MorePersonal Career Development : Career Goals1531 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent motivations and impulses. Prior to this course, I was quite ignorant of the magnitude these characteristics and traits hold over our professional lives. Career development is very much a division or subset of an individual’s personal development. These two aspects of development seem to be inextricably connected, thus attempting to isolate either measure would seem to create a discord in an individual s job or life satisfaction. I agree that self-awareness is a fundamental component of discoveringRead MoreEssay on UCSB as a Rationalist Organization1108 Words   |  5 Pagesorganizations can reflect two contrasting perspectives, a Naturalist or Rationalist, which underlines and questions the ideas of structure and formality. Naturalist organizations convey informality due to the basis on the flow of the members’ behavior and relationships among others. But non etheless, Rationalist organization is formal because the organization’s fluidity is based on the members’ limits and structure. Thus, I am going to argue that overall UCSB is a Rationalist organization, rather than NaturalistRead MoreAnalysis Of Kaffir Boy By Mark Mathabane1249 Words   |  5 Pagesliterature classes are the prime places to start. In the autobiography Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane, he makes the statement, â€Å"...more than 90 percent of white South Africans go through a lifetime without seeing firsthand the inhuman conditions under which blacks have to survive. Yet the white man of South Africa claims to the rest of the world that he knows what is good for black people and what it takes for a black child to grow up to adulthood.† (Mathabane) That quotation alone makes opens a door for groupRead MoreEssay about Job Analysis Report- Front Office Manager984 Words   |  4 Pagesproject, I chose to do an analysis for the position of Front Office Manager. I think this position is critical to any company within the hospitality industry. The job usually involves using communication and organizational skills to coordinate, supervise, manage and train others to accomplish goals. Previous work-related skill, knowledge and/ or experience are required for this position. Employees in this position usually need one to two years of training involving both on-the job experience and informalRead MoreLearning Is Viewed As One Of The Most Important Interactive Activities1643 Words   |  7 Pagesone of the most important interactive activities in which children engage. Although most learning occurs outside of the school setting, it is the heart of the educational process. Psychologists and philosophers searched to understand the true n ature of learning, why and how learning occurs at different stages in life and how it can have an influence through teaching methods and similar endeavors. For many years, various learning theories have been listed as suggestions and these theories differ

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The Night - Original Writing - 982 Words

Was it a knock that had woken her? It was a late night, and everyone was asleep in bed. All except for this girl. She was awake. She was asleep all this time, for every single day of the year, except for this day. Something woke her up. She thought it was nothing and went back to bed. Fifteen minutes later, she heard the noise again but louder. She wondered what it was. But in thinking of it all, he went back to bed yet again.However, half an hour later, she was awake yet again. It wasn’t a sound this time, it was a sight that woke her up! She knew that because a the shadow of the light in her room changed even though she had the lamp on. What could that’ve been? She got out of bed and tiptoed past her parent’s rooms. When she got†¦show more content†¦So she went to the roof very quietly past her parent’s room. When she got to the roof, the message was true. She did find something that made her dreams come true. She found a shooting star. She was also into astronomy a lot, and had never seen a shooting star before. She then also learned that she was in trouble. Why? The shooting star was coming right towards her at a blazing speed. She thought she was done for. But then, the star stopped about 20 feet from her, then inched slowly toward her. As the star did that, it did something even more shocking to her. It transformed into an angel. She was stunned into silence. She had never seen secret fireflies, nor a shooting star, nor an angel. This was so exciting for her. She just couldn’t stand it! When the angel stopped 5 feet from her, she said, â€Å"I will give you one wish.† She thought a lot to herself about the wish. What was it she wanted most? A pet? A car? A trip? A pool? Anything? Anything at all? She finally decided her wish. She was about to say her wish, when all of a sudden, the world was spinning right in front of her. When she woke up, she was in the same location as before. All awake, and couldn’t go back to sleep until sometime later. She decided to go outside again and check if the fireflies were still there. So she got out of bed and was about to check. But wait! Her parents might still be asleep. She was worried she would wake them up again. But she had

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Spirituality Management Case Study

Question: Write an essay on your personal worldview. Discuss the various meanings of "spirituality" and their relevance in the context of managed care including sociological and philosophical perspectives. Consider the religious and cultural context of modern health care and medicine (i.e., pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism), and address the seven basic worldview questions. Be sure to address the following questions: What is prime reality? What is the nature of the world around us? What is a human being? What happens to a person at death? Why is it possible to know anything at all? How do we know what is right or wrong? What is the meaning of human history? Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. An abstract is not required. Discus the various meanings of "spirituality" and their relevance in the context managed care including sociological and philosophical perspectives. Answer: Introduction The idea of spirituality is a wide concept that includes within itself many perspectives. Normally, this concept includes the linking with the bigger things than human beings and incorporates the search for the existence of God. This experience is universal and very extensive (Dennis, 2014). Concept of Prime Reality The notion of scientism provides that science is the only road to the actual world. According to this concept the idea of prime reality provides the existence of cosmos which always had existed or which is generally defined as the God which always exists. On the other hand naturalism states that prime reality is the matter which exists throughout and also is the only thing that exists (Hunt McMahon, 1993). Scientism endorses the existence of cosmos as the prime reality and removes God from the universe. Accordingly, in this concept matter is only the thing that exists even though its existence may not be in the present form. Further it is said that matter is the one thing that is does not have any creator. Nature of the world around us The concept of post modernism is used by sociologists to describe the manner of thinking developing in the Western countries presently (YE, 2008). The concept of scientism considers the surrounding world from an independent perspective which is connected with the elimination of the emotions of experience. Human being Pluralism states that all human beings live together in a community where they eat, sleep or live or learn in that particular place along with other human beings. However there are some traditions where such a condition is considered to be created by the Almighty (Heelas, 2010). Person at death The concept of post modernism considers death to be a manner which results in physical extinction and also does not believe in immortality. Further it also only believes in the physical world and does not accept the existence of soul. Possibility of knowing anything or everything The idea of scientism considers the world to be the actual and real thing. Nonetheless, they also claim that they do not know the actual reality. For them they know only what they observe. The method in which the world represents itself is what is already known (Haack, 2003). What is right or wrong The notion of post modernism provides that there does not exist anything such as absolute truth. Accordingly, distinct belief is above everything. For them anything that the individual believes in is true otherwise everything else is false. It further states that the existing principles are nothing but preferences. But there are a huge section of feminist scholars who state that this concept comes from the male perspective and so it is very coercive (Kostikova, 2013). Human history The idea of naturalism can be stated as a linear sequence that does not have any special meaning. It is nothing that extends to giving any supernatural idea and it only believes in the existing things. Hence the things that do not have any existence do not have any position in this concept. References Dennis, P. (2014).Spirituality. Cork: BookBaby. Haack, S. (2003).Defending science--within reason. Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books. Heelas, P. (2010).Spirituality. London: Routledge. Hunt, D., McMahon, T. (1993).The new spirituality. Eugene, Or.: Harvest House Publishers. Kostikova, A. (2013). Postmodernism: A Feminist Critique.Metaphilosophy,44(1-2), 24-28. doi:10.1111/meta.12008 YE, H. (2008). Historiography of Psychology: Challenges of Postmodernism.Acta Psychologica Sinica,40(5), 626-632. doi:10.3724/sp.j.1041.2008.00626

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Natural System Sustainability

System’s sustainability entails the creation and maintenance of an effective system that assists in designing, planning, incorporating and implementing its own vision by considering its various components. Since a system entails many different components, there is a need to attach equal importance to the separate parts that make up a complete system. It is therefore imperative to discuss the systems thinking theory as well as the nature step theory in order to fully appreciate system sustainability.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Natural System Sustainability specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The theory of systems thinking sustainability employs the analogy of functionality of a human body by arguing that sustainability of the lifeblood of the body cannot be successful in isolation (Brown, 2005). Hence, the balance between support systems of the different parts of the body needs to be maintained for a give n system to remain effective. For instance, each part of the body system contributes to the whole process leading to effective and full functioning of the body. From the system, the theory continues to postulate that after achieving personal health for effective body functioning, an individual becomes happy if the immediate environment including family and friends fosters healthy relationships and thus becomes useful in a strong community. In comparison, the theory suggests that sustainable businesses cannot exist without direction of the major components of these enterprises towards sustainability. These components include shareholders, employees, clients and suppliers to name a few. In this regard, businesses are required to heavily borrow from nature for natural systems, which if left undisturbed, will always remain efficient in carrying out natural functions (Brown, 2005). The natural step theory The natural step theory attempts to explain the implication of decisions affecting the future. It states that factors critical to determination of success entail positive vision creation towards a desired state. The theory stipulates that to reach a desired goal, there must be an involvement of the several steps which are distinct from each other. Additionally, fixation at one step is heavily discouraged as it affects the natural step. The first step towards vision materialization commences with a drawback from the vision. This is intended to create a route/path from the present to the future. Moving forward, the created future starts with one step and each has to have an ending progressively and successfully. After successful completion of each step, there is a remarkable progression (Nattrass Altomare, 1999). Ramification through application Systems theory explains that within places of work, there are different entities and thus each entity should be treated in a unique way. As such, there is a need to create value for all involved parties such as shareholders , employees and society at large (Banal Hoffman, 2011; O’Toole, 1995).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Hitchcock and Willard (2009) argue that when corporations try to create such environments, especially when integrating vision with purpose and other factors such as performance of committed groups that can be always sustainable in single enterprises, they encounter difficulties. The solution to associated difficulties lies in recognition of the components of the whole system and how each works. Senge, Smith, Kruschwitz, Laur and Schley (2010) contend that natural step theory makes the application of the premises of progression to be successful. In making successful and progressive motions within a business enterprise, there is a need to bear in mind the goals and objectives that guide an organization to its desired vision. Since any given vision is stated in company goals and objectives, materializing the same vision commences with clear definition of the goals and objectives. Drawing a sketchy plan towards achieving it helps in making a clear plan towards attaining this vision (Nattrass Altomare, 1999). In summing up, these applications bring forth the differences between the two theories. Whereas the first one implies the whole, the latter regards one part. Although systems theory takes a combined approach for the wellbeing of employees and corporations, the second theory takes into consideration the wellbeing of a company through its vision. In addition, systems theory expounds on benefits of sharing. References Banal, P. Hoffman, A. J.(2011). The Oxford Handbook of Business and the Natural Environment. Oxford: Oxford university press. Brown, C. S. (2005). The sustainable enterprise: profiting from best practice. London: Koga page. Hitchcock, D., Willard, M. (2009). The business guide to sustainability: Practical strategies and tools for organizations. London, UK: Earthscan.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Natural System Sustainability specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nattrass, B, B. F. Altomare, M. (1999). The natural step for business: wealth, ecology and the evolutionary corporation. Boston: Wiley. O’Toole, J. (1995). The executive’s compass. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Senge, P., Smith, B., Kruschwitz, N. Laur, J. Schley, S. (2010). The necessary revolution: How individuals and organizations are working together to create a sustainable world. New York. Broadway Business Publishing. This essay on Natural System Sustainability was written and submitted by user Brisa Middleton to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Essay Sample on Creativity Research Based on the Gender Dimension

Essay Sample on Creativity Research Based on the Gender Dimension In general, women are known to be more creative than man, and this is reflected in all creative mediums. Today, we observe a growing number of female authors, especially in the autobiography genre. The autobiography genre raise questions about self knowledge and the process of creating literature inspired by life events. This specific genre can be generally defined as an exploration of ones selected life experiences. In womens life writing, the self, the development of knowledge is particularly problematic. Womens roles and circumstances have changed radically over the years, therefore, women writers have had to construct their own versions of femininity, their own design in opposition to generations of male portraits. Womens writing in the Italian literature is very complex. Its a way for those women to discover themselves through the act of writing. It also involves literal and emotional wandering, exploration. For Aleramo, it was to escape her abusive marriage and confront the los t of custody of her son in her book A Woman, also knows as Una Donna. And for Banti it was the complex relationship between history and the feminine character in her work Artemisia. All of these heroines became either a famous writer or painter and fled female stereotypes. In order to understand this female perspective writing, we must take into consideration a quote by the critic Sharon Wood in Italian Womens Writing: womens creativity is marked by a sense of loss, division and fracture (123). My own interest of Italian women writer has leaded me, till now, to the reading of two authors, Aleramo and Banti. Aleramo is known as the first Italian feminist writer and her autobiography novel A Woman denounced her oppression by a jealous husband who had raped her when she was seventeen. She also emphasize on the traditional mentality that was reigning in the bigoted Southern Italian society which considered literate women deviant or whores. Whereas, Anna Banti is moved to write through her contemplation of the painful solitude of the modern women desiring to engage in a free and original activity but faced with the challenges of a society that has invented innumerable pretexts to deny her the time and space, and other requirements for the development of her talent. In her novel, Artemisia, which consists of the interwoven recollections of author, narrator, and protagonist as it narrates the life story of the sixteenth-century painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Banti blends together historical facts with speculation and invention, as she portrays Artemisias struggle to create an identity in a world that literally has no name for what she is. Both of these women writers have created heroines that defy female stereotypes and their writing poses as much groundbreaking questions as their lives. Therefore, we can agree with Sharon Wood and say that their writing, their creativity is marked by a sense of loss, division and fracture. History has shown the importance of regional traditions in the Italian society, but also how much women were suffocating under them. Women have been bound to traditions for centuries. Both authors, Aleramo and Banti prove with concrete examples the weight of the traditions on the destiny of women in Italy. Aleramo in A Woman describes how Italian women, outside the domestic sphere, had been silent for centuries and had no legal rights. The protagonist takes the example of her own mother who was trapped in an unhappy unfulfilling marriage, with punitive paranoia. However, she could not divorce her husband because a woman had only two choices to leave her husband, suicide or insanity. As we know, the mother first chooses the option of the suicide she had tried to kill herself (Aleramo-32). The fear of ending like her mother in an asylum, the narrator/protagonist breaks the chain of centuries of female suppression by fleeing an abusive marriage. Banti in Artemisia, show how Artemisia, e ven after her disgrace was bound to the patriarchal oppression; how her father forced her to marry Antonio to restore the honor of the family even after the public trial youll have to get married (Banti-32). Both protagonists find their creativity in their actions, by challenging the tradition. In Aleramos case, the creativity came with the break up from previous maternal models as she leaves the family. Aleramos protagonist abandons her husband and her son in order to follow her destiny. This act in itself was a way for Aleramos protagonist to find herself and at the same time, to find the creativity that was a necessity for her to pursue her dream. By leaving the family, she left the patriarchal oppression of her husband which had a tragic effect on her but also the mentality that stipulates that women were demonstrated to be insufficient and rejected When I was away from them I would realize that I couldnt live without my family (213) . In Artemisia, the protagonist leaves also her husband to pursue her dreams. Therefore, we can say that both books are the scenes of struggle for freedom, for liberty. Struggle to pursue their dreams, to find creativity. Not only the narrators/protagonists break up with the tradition, they went beyond the boundaries. In Aleramos case, she went to the extreme, she changed her name. The name change from Rina Pierangeli to Sibilla Aleramo is significant for the birth of both the writer and the independent woman. Importantly, with A Woman, Aleramo renounces both the fathers and the husbands names, opting for a prophetic and poetic name, giving to her by a man. As we know, the passage to the new name marks the passage to personal creative writing and opens a new period in Aleramos life. The loss of the name coincides with birth in literature. As the story goes on, we can see that Aleramos protagonist refashions herself by becoming a writer through difference circumstances. Writing leads to the rebirth for Aleramos heroine I had never before felt that I had such resolute powers of expression, such an acute gift of analysis (106) and eventually enables her to separate from the patriarchal oppression of which she was victim Should I join in the collective endeavors of the human race, the only thing that gave life and dignity? Should I use my resource in this way to gain some peace of mind?(106). Whereas, in Bantis novel Artemisia, painting is the only thing that leads to the rebirth of the protagonist. In real life, BaniÐ ¢s battle to be recognized for her own merit is in search for self-discovery and self revelation. In order to create, Aleramos heroine had to face a multitude of obstacles. Throughout her book, the narrator/protagonist talk about the problem of being both, a mother and having a career at the same time Should I use my resources in this way to gain some peace of mind? Or should I resign myself to a life without happiness, losing everything that might make my son respect and love me? (106). But also, looks as the role of a good mother (113). From her perspective, a good mother must be a woman, a human individual. (113). She thinks and qualifies motherhood as an institution, but really emphasize on the difficulty of successfully combing motherhood with a career. For Aleramos heroin, its her biggest problem, and she has to make a decision. She has to choose between playing the role of a mother or having a writing career. Bantis heroine, Artemisia finds her salvation in her painting. To be able to find it, she has to go through dramatic psychological suffering and painful solitude. Living a widows existence I took a certain pleasure in behaving like a widow (39), far from her merchant husband who will later request dissolution of their marriage in order to wed a native girl from the West Indies, Artemisia devotes herself exclusively to her career as an artist, remaining firm in her intimate need to create, even at the price of unpopularity and loneliness. Artemisia had to accept the woman-artists punishment. Aleramos and Bantis heroines had to challenge social, moral and legal conditions of Italy in which they lived. Both, Aleramos and Bantis heroines are the protagonists who strongly challenged the social, moral and legal condition of the old Italy by defying traditions, norms and the values that were observe at that time in order to find their own creativity. They both lived in their own persons the anguish of the female condition. Both women lived in an Italy which the condemnation of womens oppression is accompanied by a lucid analysis of social and family structures which underpin the stability of the dominant order and keep women in their allotted roles. Both heroines were challenged in a society that had invented innumerable pretext to deny their talents. Therefore, we can see that Aleramos and Bantis heroines creativity are really marked by a sense of loss, division and fracture.

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Origin for the Surname Thompson Genealogy

Origin for the Surname Thompson Genealogy THOMPSON Surname Meaning Origin: Thompson is a patronymic surname meaning son of the man known as Thom, Thomp, Thompkin, or another diminutive form of Thomas (twin). Without the p, the Thomson surname is often of Scottish origin. Surname Origin: English, Scottish Alternate Surname Spellings: THOMSON, THOMASON, THOMASSON, THOMASSIN, THOMESON, TOMPSON, THOMPSEN, TOMASON, THOMS, THOMASSET, TOMPSETT, THOMSETT, TOMSETT, THOMERSON, THOMLINSON, THOMLIN Famous People with the Surname THOMPSON: Fred Thompson - U.S. Senator and television actorAlexander Greek Thomson - Scottish architect (1817-1875)Sir Joseph John (J. J.) Thomson - English physicist who discovered the electron Genealogy Resources for the Surname THOMPSON: 100 Most Common U.S. Surnames Their MeaningsSmith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown... Are you one of the millions of Americans sporting one of these top 100 common last names from the 2000 census? Thompson DNA ProjectDNA testing is making connections between families with Thompson surname variants used in different areas of the world including Thomson, Thomsen, Thomason, Thomazin, Taweson, MacThomas, MacTavish, MacCavish, Macomish, Macomb, McComas, McComb, MacCombie, and reasonable spelling variations. Thompson Family Genealogy ForumSearch this popular genealogy forum for the Thompson surname to find others who might be researching your ancestors, or post your own Thompson query. There are also separate forums for the THOMSON surname and other Thompson variations. FamilySearch - THOMPSON GenealogyFind records, queries, and lineage-linked family trees posted for the Thompson surname and its variations. - References: Surname Meanings OriginsCottle, Basil. Penguin Dictionary of Surnames. Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books, 1967.Menk, Lars. A Dictionary of German Jewish Surnames. Avotaynu, 2005.Beider, Alexander. A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia. Avotaynu, 2004.Hanks, Patrick and Flavia Hodges. A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1989.Hanks, Patrick. Dictionary of American Family Names. Oxford University Press, 2003.Smith, Elsdon C. American Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997.

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Difinition of culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Difinition of culture - Essay Example Howard Becker defines culture as a people’s way of life in their social groupings (Ferguson 95). Such life includes aspects of defined thinking patterns, feelings, as well as an understanding that have acquired a common experience and past from generation to another. Culture, therefore, is a reflection of social patterns, emotions and practices that stem from social interactions within a society. Culture is very crucial for human beings as it give them an identity. It provides rules and regulations within which one has to operate to live in a society. Such rules also govern how people communicate, celebrate, behave or react to various stimuli in their society. Culture has a major impact on humans’ existence and thinking (Ferguson 97). It is important to develop a society, understand people and other cultures and thus bring harmony among civilizations. Culture is a central pillar of every society that without it, stability and progress become impossible. All the social-e conomic and political activities existing in a society must have a strong cultural backing. Consideration of spiritual and cultural values in a society is very important for the formation and development of creative capabilities and the relationship between individuals. Culture, therefore, serves to promote the humanization of social relationship for the future of human civilization.Culture provides knowledge that is essential for physical and peaceful coexistence between man and environment (Ferguson 99).

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Policy Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Policy Issues - Essay Example The foreign policy focuses more on the international relationships between countries. All policy makers should be wary of any unintended negative outcomes of policy decisions made. The world experienced the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009 describe by rise in inflation, loss of the dollar value to other foreign currencies and general stagnation of the US economy. This called for government involvement in saving the economy and other adverse effects of the recession. The then president, George Bush instructed government officials to come up with measures to save the economy. An economic policy was devised where the government used economic interventions such as comprehensive tax rebate, control of business entities and funding the Toxic Asset Relief Program. Controlling of businesses received significant amounts of resistant from conservative economists (Lind, & Tamas, 2006). This is because, they believed that businesses have the ability to act rationally and maximize efficiency and profit. As a result, profitability in business will eventually stabilize the economy. However, Bush’s administration was keen to indicate that the government played a role in the private sector business. Economists and conservative policy makers viewed the recession issue as a result of inadequate regulation in the financial industry of the USA. The perception on economic regulation changed since it offered an opportunity for recovery. Consequently, the policy makers decisively concluded that economic regulation would maintain a good level of equity in the country’s economic system. The regulation aimed at changing some tax laws, adjusting ownership of property, an implementing the concepts of individual accountability. However, the issue of ownership of property was believed to have led to the supreme mortgage crisis. Moreover, there were minimal measures to regulate the financial institutions especially for the individuals who could not afford owning property. The

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Police Functions Essay Example for Free

Police Functions Essay Over the years, police have been portrayed in the media, television shows, and the local newspaper as crime fighting heroes. This portrayal would make one think a police officer is always out doing a dangerous job, which may require shooting, beating up, or arrested the bad guy. The truth is, most officers will not make a felony arrest in a given year, and there are also many officers who have never fired their weapon. There are various perspectives of the policing functions. I will examine these perspectives from the local, state, and federal organizational levels. I will identify and address possible future changes in laws and the overall impact these changes will have on the field of policing. Local Police Police, usually called law enforcement officers, apprehend criminals and investigate crimes. There are several other functions that the police perform. Local police have three main functions: maintaining order, controlling crime, and providing basic social services. Local police maintain order in different activities, such as traffic control in power outages, crowd control outside of a local football game, resolving domestic disputes, and removing drunken patrons from the streets. Police officers serve and protect. The main focus of maintaining order is keeping the peace rather than enforcing the law, so to speak. In different situations, officers may have to make an arrest to ensure the peace, but the appropriate order-maintenance solution often consists of less formal actions, like clearing crowds after a big game. Controlling crime is basically patrol and criminal investigation. Basic social service is calling police in an emergency situation. The majority of phone calls to the police are in need of social service as opposed to those relating to crimes. There are several factors that shape what police do. Police officers are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. People call on the police when they find themselves in an emergency situation and there is not another agency available. Because of this availability, it sometimes gives officers a heavy workload. Police work is different and unique from other jobs because these men and women are permitted to use force. Force in this case is deadly or physical force as well as arresting someone. Police officers have to be ready to shoot in a split second, if need be. Discretion is used in all areas of policing. Officers rely on their training as well as experiences to decide what to do when dealing with citizens. A wonderful example of discretion is an officer giving you a warning for speeding as oppose to upholding the law and issuing you a citation. State Police State police are a part of The Department of Public Safety. Every state with the exception of Hawaii has its own police force possessing statewide jurisdiction. The nation’s largest state police force is California Highway Patrol. The directors of highway patrols or state police are appointed by the Governors. Tasks done by state police agencies include assisting the local police departments in criminal investigations, patrolling the state’s highways, training municipal and country police, maintaining centralized crime records for the state, and operate a crime lab. Federal Police Within the executive branch of the national government lies the federal law enforcement. The FBI, or Federal Bureau of Investigation, is a part of this federal organization. The FBI investigates several categories of federal crimes. Their focus is on protecting the nation from threats, such as terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, white collar crimes, and violent crimes, such as kidnappings and bank robberies as well as civil-rights crimes. The FBI is equipped with crime labs, fingerprint files, crime statistics, and a training academy, which enables them to assist state, local, and other federal agencies. Due to the increases in organized crimes, the FBI also has wiretapping authority. Federal officers have jurisdiction nationwide. The Department of Homeland Security is another branch containing federal law enforcement agencies. Some of DHS agencies are: United States Secret Service- which is responsible for apprehending anyone caught counterfeiting U. S. money. They are also responsible for the protection of other officials of the federal government and for protecting the president. Immigration and Customs Enforcement- enforces the flow of immigrants into the United States. INS agents deport aliens who break the United States naturalization laws. They are also responsible for the patrol of the United States border to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country. In the 1990s, INS agents focused on the Mexican-U. S. border, where large numbers of illegal immigrants and huge amounts of illicit drugs entered the United States. INS agents arrest hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants each year, but the number making it safely into the United States still exceeded the number arrested. † (The Nature of Police Work) Customs and Border Protection and Transportation Security Administration also fall under this agency. Conclusion Patrol and criminal investigation used to dominate policing. Uniformed officers would roam the streets interrupting crime and trying to prevent them from happening. There are different strategies to policing. These strategies include patrol, special operations, and investigations. There are changes that can be made in laws to impact the field of policing. Local police departments can reduce corruption by keeping a closer eye on the department and listening to the community. Bad seeds would have to be removed from all areas of policing. These departments can also form a positive relationship with the public by showing they are doing more than making arrests. Federal agencies are sometimes limited in the information they can share with other departments, but if there is something useful, they can pass the information along to help all agencies out. There are many functions to policing. While police are heroes to a lot of people, they are not just out fighting crime and locking up the bad guys. They are there for us when we need them, regardless if our cat is stuck in a tree or we have a runaway teenager. Different agencies perform at different levels each having different duties. Once we understand what different agencies are able to do, we understand policing better.

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Essay --

Celine Molfetta Ms.Velazquez U.S. History 1 20 February 2014 Olive Branch Petition The Olive Branch Petition, drafted on July 5th, 1775 by John Dickenson, was, not only, a major turn point in the movement of the American Revolution, but marked a very important point in American History. During the creation process of the Olive Branch Petition, the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill had just taken place. Members within the Continental Congress had opposing views on what approach they should take to dissolve the tension between the colonies and Great Britain. Some strived for Independence no matter the consequences, while others disagreed. These others were Loyalist who didn’t agree with the idea of betraying the King, but still had conflict with taxation without representation. They came to an agreement and decided to send a second request to the King asking for a compromise, in order to come up with a reasonable solution to the ongoing war. This plea was other known as the Olive Branch Petition. As many predicted, the compromise was rejected by Great Britain, resulting in new tensions between their nation and the American Colonies. With this said, the Olive Branch Petition impacted the American Revolution in two significant ways by England refusing the American’s request for a compromise guiding them to go through with war and changing the views of the Loyalist, through how the King handled the petition. The Olive Branch Petition is historically known as one of the most important documentations that influenced the American Revolution, taken place in 1775. The Olive Branch Petition was the last and final opportunity for Great Britain to agree with a nonviolent negotiation with the Colonist... ... on September 2, 1775. When the colonists, specifically the Loyalists, had been told that King George III refused to consider, nor open their letter of negotiation it changed their perspective of him. Many of the Loyalist, no longer wanted to live under the rule of their ignorant King (lively 266). In fact, the ignorance of his actions raised the levels of revolutionary talk and ideas within the colonies. With the colonist, now, being pro-revolutionary, this eventually led to the Colonist winning the American Revolutionary War. Works Cited Lively, Robert. â€Å"Olive Branch petition†. Encyclopedia of American History. Volume III. Facts on File Incorporated, 2003. Sosin, Jack. Agents and Merchants. University of Nebraska Printing Press Lincoln, 1965. â€Å"The Olive Branch Petition, 1775†. Gopetition. 13 Oct. 2007. livebranchpetition.php

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Response Paper

Blue Collar Workers Have Brains Too Throughout our modern society there has always been a cultural divide between the upper class of white collar workers who have received higher education, and the blue collar workforce who make up the middle and lower class of society. It is the assumption of the white collar class that the blue collar force are a simple minded group who rely on manual labor jobs because they don’t possess the intelligence necessary to make it in the white collar world.In his article â€Å"Blue Collar Brilliance,† Mike Rose discussed how the working class of blue collar workers is often underestimated and not given enough credit from their white collar counterparts. He states that through his research and observations, the blue collar workers indeed exercise significant intelligence in their work, and that they shouldn’t be shrugged off by those of a higher social class simply because of their placement on the occupational ladder. Rose described that he was raised in a blue collar family, but that he sought a higher education a means for fulfillment and to make a solid living.What I found interesting were his observations through his studies after graduate school. Rose states, â€Å"Intelligence is closely associated with formal education-the type of schooling a person has, how much and how long-and most people seem to move comfortably from that notion to a belief that work requiring less schooling requires less intelligence† (Rose, 247) I agree with Rose in this statement because of my experience growing up, I was always taught that success in this life is tied directly with a formal education.If I wanted to make something of myself, I better go to college. Much to the chagrin of my parents, I put off college and entered the workforce as an apprentice meat cutter. Over the years I have worked my way up and was eventually made the manager of a meat department. I have found that through my experience in that occupati on that I have learned more about business hands on than in any of my business classes. Rose makes an interesting point about the hands on application of such important tools in the working class.He states, â€Å"Though many kinds of physical work don’t require a high literacy level, more reading occurs in the blue-collar workplace than is generally thought, from manuals and catalogues to work orders and invoices, to lists, labels and forms† (Rose, 253) Rose is surely right about that because I have learned more about what it takes to make a successful business with things like how to manage costs and labor, how to regulate your purchases as to meet your sales needs while keeping shrink or loss to a minimum, and how to increase your gross profit margin by streamlining merchandising methods than I ever could in a classroom.He described observing his mother Rosie as a waitress in a diner and all of the mental juggling she displayed in order to keep her customers’ orders organized, the food delivered properly in a timely manner, and make sure they were satisfied and felt important. He also noticed that she was not only a waitress, but often times wore the hat of psychologist in listening to the personal stories of her guests, and catering how she treated them and responded to them as though she was their friend and support system.I agree that the blue collar workforce is often looked down upon by those who have chosen the path of higher education and belong to the white collar workforce because I have been a member of the blue collar crowd for over ten years and can testify that it indeed requires significant skills in order to fulfill those jobs. I have worked in a restaurant for several years and have experienced how difficult it is to multitask and keep every customer happy while juggling several tables and keeping multiple orders organized in my little filing system in my head.It truly requires a special brain to be a server in a restaura nt, to possess the necessary skills as Rosie did with the ability to group tasks together in order of priority and work efficiently in a flowing motion rather than running around in circles barely keeping your wits about you because you can’t keep your proverbial balls juggling in the air. From experience, when you drop one ball or make a mistake, all your other balls usually come crashing down on you. That is what we in the business call â€Å"crashing,† or â€Å"being in the weeds. I have seen such a high turnover of staff that couldn’t manage all the responsibilities and possess the customer service and people skills necessary for when things go wrong. I agree with Rose’s point of how the hat of psychologist is worn while performing those duties because you can completely screw up a persons’ food order but give them exceptional customer service and make them feel special by listening to them, show them genuine empathy and they will tip you well no matter what mistakes are made in their dining experience.I have had several regular customers come into my restaurant and request me as their server because I make them feel special, and I engage in real conversation with them and have subsequently built real friendships with people because of the way I treated them as their server. Nothing made a regular customer feel special like having their beverage of choice delivered to them as soon as they sat down without needing to ask for it. I have had many coworkers ask me how I consistently made better tips than they did, when we are serving essentially the same demographic of clientele.I explain to them the key is to be a good listener such as Rose’s mother was to both verbal and non verbal messages, and do the little things in order to make them feel special and not simply be a robot delivering their food and drinks. Many people assume that servers in restaurants belong to a lower social class, but because of my experience in that industry I agree with Rose that it takes a special person to fulfill those positions.I appreciated Rose’s recognition of the blue collar force as one who possesses significant intelligence; because I am a member of that class and feel that I have often been judged as someone who lacks the necessary intelligence to make it in the white collar world. I applaud his arguments that the blue collar force should no longer be looked down upon as inferior. Works Cited Rose, Mike. â€Å"Blue Collar Brilliance. † â€Å"They Say/I Say†: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing : With Readings. Ed. Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel K. Durst. New York: W. W. Norton &, 2012. N. pag. Print.

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Portrayals of jesus in the gospels Essay

Each of the four gospels contained in the New Testament portrays a different and unique portrait of Jesus. Mark’s gospel represents Jesus as the suffering servant, while Matthew shows Jesus as the new Moses. Luke stresses Jesus’ inclusion of the outcasts and then John’s non-synoptic gospel shows Jesus as God’s presence and as an otherworldly figure. Mark portrays Jesus as a powerful yet unrecognized and suffering Messiah. Stories throughout the gospel show Jesus to have control over storms, water and demons. He is able to heal lepers, cripples and people with withered limps. He also has undaunted authority over everything including sin and Sabbath laws. Yet the theme of the messianic secret is major within this gospel. Jesus often tells people â€Å"to tell no one† of the miracles he performs. This theme is part of the climax of Mark’s gospel when Peter proclaims that Jesus is Christ and Jesus responds by giving him strict orders to tell no one. He therefore is the unrecognized Messiah. Mark wrote his gospel to a suffering and fearful faith community. He wrote to inspire faith in them. That is why Mark emphasizes Jesus’ suffering to his readers so that they can relate and see that there is no glory without suffering. He therefore shows that in order to have true dominance one must first encounter suffering, just as Jesus had. Matthew writes his gospel from a Jewish standpoint. He is careful to connect Jesus as the legitimate heir to the royal house of David in order to establish Jesus’ Hebrew roots. Matthew often refers to Hebrew scripture to show Jesus as the fulfillment of the scriptures. He says that Jesus is God present with us. Jesus is portrayed as the new lawgiver in this gospel. He is a teacher who concentrates on the overall being of a person, meaning their actions as well as their thoughts. Matthew stresses that it is just as bad to think impurely as it is to act impure. Jesus has come to perfect the law and to provide ethical teachings to guide his followers. Matthew shows Jesus to pity the under privileged in his interpretation of the Sermon on  the Mount where Jesus gives us the Beatitudes. He also shows Jesus scolding much of the upper class, especially the Pharisees whom Jesus is shown to argue with numerous times throughout this gospel. Luke does the opposite of Matthew by writing from a Gentile point of view and directing his gospel toward a Greco-Roman audience. Luke concerns himself with showing that in Jesus the Gentiles are included in the promise of God’s covenant. The major theme of this gospel is that Jesus is savior. He is the savior of the whole world not just the Jews. Luke portrays Jesus as a passionate messiah by stressing his inclusion of the outcasts. Jesus associated with the tax collectors, woman and physically disadvantaged. Jesus denounces the rich and comfortable in this gospel during the Sermon on the Mount. Luke also downplays Jesus’ suffering by excluding much of it from his gospel. An example of this is the absence of the crown of thorns in his gospel. Luke does this to once again portray the more compassionate Jesus. He instead exclusively included Jesus’ praying for the forgiveness of the crowd and for the criminal next to him on the cross and to give more attention to Jesus’ resurrection and the appearances of the risen Jesus. John’s whole gospel is a portrait of Jesus. He includes new titles and truths that are not contained in any other gospel. Two important titles John quotes Jesus using are â€Å"I am† and â€Å"the word.† By using the term â€Å"I am† John is saying that the kingdom of God has come and that Jesus has always been. â€Å"The word† is God’s â€Å"logos.† This represents the basic idea of God revealing himself to mankind. It says that Jesus is the one whom God the father used to create the world. John therefore stresses Jesus’ incarnation and emphasizes the faith factor of believing without seeing. The four gospels are all very unique in portraying Jesus. They cover much of the same material but see Jesus from different point of views because of their different backgrounds. Luke and Matthew are perfect examples because they both believe so dearly in Jesus yet have different views because of their different cultures. The evangelists show that no matter who you are you can relate to Jesus just as they did. By studying the gospels you can see Jesus through your own lens and therefore paint your own portrait of the  messiah.

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The Military and Freedom of Speech essays

The Military and Freedom of Speech essays Freedom of expression in the military, is it really freedom when it has limits? Many people might not take into consideration what one gives up when they join the military. Its not just ones freedom, its also the freedom to speak ones mind. Now I do understand that a certain amount of secrecy is needed in order to not let the enemy know about certain plans of action the armed forces are working on, but having an opinion about your boss or your job should not be limited when you are in the armed forces. When a member of the armed forces chooses to talk about their personal feelings regarding a particular branch of service they are conflicting with the militarys hierarchical nature and the militarys increasingly antiquated desire to command and control its personnel (Guardiano, 2010, NewsRealBlog). As part of the military one still has rights, once one becomes a service member one does not give up his or her First Amendment right. It merely means that a military member must put into ef fect his free speech rights in his own time and in his capacity as a private citizen. The argument that Im trying to make is that the armed forces members should have more of a right than anyone else, when it comes to freedom of speech because they are fighting for this country, and what is this country giving to them? Nothing but limitations and violation of their legal rights. Now I do agree with certain limitations of armed forces freedom of expression. The only limitation I agree with is one that limits a service member from talking about private military operations. The reason I agree with this limitation is because when one puts classified military information out there for everyone to see it puts the country and its citizens in danger. One of the main reasons we have armed forces is to fight for the United States people. If we go flaunting our countrys plan of attack it puts the United States a...

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Pro-Form - Definition and Examples in English Grammar

Pros in English Grammar Pro-form is a word or phrase that can take the place of another word (or word group) in a sentence. The process of substituting pro-forms for other words is called proformation. In English, the most common pro-forms are pronouns, but other words (such as here, there, so, not, and do) can also function as pro-forms.   The pro-form is the referring word in a sentence; the word or word group thats referred to is the antecedent. Examples and Observations: My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. Shes 97 now, and we dont know where the hell she is.   (American comedian Ellen DeGeneres)Our father ...came back in the morning and told us he had found lodgings, and so we went there. They were east of the harbour, off Lot Street, at the back of a house which had seen better days.  (Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace. McClelland Stewart, 1996)One day in English class I passed Bill Hilgendorff a note. I love you, the note said. He folded it up and looked straight ahead. Then I whispered to him that he could live his whole life long and no one would ever love him as I did. I thought this was an amazing and daring and irresistible thing to do.  (Tereze Glà ¼ck, May You Live in Interesting Times. University of Iowa Press, 1995)We had offers to play in Hong Kong, and I always wanted to go there, but I wouldnt agree to do it because it wasnt going to add any more profit to the tour.  (Johnny Ramone, Commando: The Aut obiography of Johnny Ramone. Abrams, 2012) When the tzar was seated, everyone else sat, and so did we.  (L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Ghost of the White Nights. Tor Books, 2001)Boldly, Stein leaps from her short history of open source to the future of Canadian federalism. One might have expected her to develop her argument in the direction of scenario IV, but unfortunately she did not.  (Ruth Hubbard and Gilles Paquet, The Black Hole of Public Administration. University of Ottawa Press, 2010)Im proud of the many ways youre growing, and I hope you are, too.  (Fred Rogers, Dear Mr. Rogers. Penguin, 1996) Rogers, Does It Ever Rain in Your Neighborhood?: Letters to Mr.People cheerfully mixed the spiritual and the mundane, and I did as well.  (Gwendolyn M. Parker, Trespassing: My Sojourn in the Halls of Privilege. Houghton Mifflin, 1997) So and Not as Pro-Forms   Sometimes pro-forms represent less clearly identifiable constituents: (6) He may decide to join us next week, but I dont think so.(7) Speaker A: Will he join us next week?Speaker B: I hope not. In (6) the adverb so represents the preceding clause but with an appropriate change of operator: . . . but I dont think he will join us next week. In (7), the adverb not represents the whole of the preceding clause but changes it into a negative statement: . . . I hope he will not join us next week.  (Carl Bache, Mastering English: An Advanced Grammar for Non-Native and Native Speakers. Walter de Gruyter, 1997) Do as a Pro-Form Do is used as a pro-form when the predicate itself and all the complements which follow it are elided (Jack hurt himself fetching water, and Jill did, too). If another auxiliary is present, the pro-form do is less common (Has Jack hurt himself? Yes, he has; also, Yes, he has done . . .). Note that the pro-form do is not the same lexeme as the auxiliary do; the latter has only the forms do, does, did while the pro-form has these as well as done and doing.  (Stephan Gramley and Kurt-Michael Ptzold, A Survey of Modern English, 2nd ed. Routledge, 2004)

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How to maximise the impact of teaching assistants in primary schools Literature review

How to maximise the impact of teaching assistants in primary schools - Literature review Example For instance, Deployment and Impact of Support Staff in schools (DISS) project at the Institute of Education in London recently carried out a study (Russell, Webster & Blatchford 2013). Their findings proved pupils who received great assistance from TAs usually made poor progress in their academics compared to those received very little support from the same (Russell, Webster & Blatchford 2013). This is because TAS in schools play very little role in the academic teaching of pupils but contribute in helping them understand various contents as well as acquiring essential life’s skills. Mostly, TAs aid in instilling a sense of self-responsibility in pupils thus enabling them to face varied life challenges with confidence that they will overcome if they apply appropriate skills. In a perfect school composition, teaching assistants mostly do about 25% of the entire school workforce. Therefore, it is essential for schools to make the most of the teaching assistants in order to assist pupils succeed not only in their academics but also in making rational decisions while they are outside learning settings. This is by schools coming up with effective strategies on preparing teaching assistants well as well as interaction with pupils to help them achieve higher standards. According to Russell, Webster & Blatchford (2013), schools ought to invest more on preparedness, deployment as well as practice of teaching assistants to ensure they adequately influence pupils positively. For instance, TAs ought to be adequately prepared on how to aid teachers in classrooms as well as understanding different disciplines, which pupils learn in class. It is also essential that teaching assistance receive practice on the nature and quality of their interactions with pupils Russell , Webster & Blatchford (2013). The latter is important as the teaching assistants’ interactions with

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Restoration & Recovery Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Restoration & Recovery Plan - Essay Example These directives and orders are part of Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning is required for Federal Government Agencies. PDD 63 or the Critical Infrastructure Protection directive and FPC 65 summarize the requirements for COOP information system infrastructure and emergency measures. FPC 65 stipulates that federal agencies are required to get back into operations within 12 hours from any kind of service collapse. OMB CircularA-130 prescribes continuity of operations planning which includes emergency procedures and policies for immediate operations recovery and restoration as well as long-term mitigation of potential services interruption of critical operations (EMC Corporation, 2006). In any kind or emergency, police and emergency services are the most essential. Therefore, the integrity, restoration and recovery of information systems in these branches of government should be the utmost priority. Florida is one of the states that have had to be vigilant regarding these concerns since the 1990's (Mittler, 1995). The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office is no exception to these circumstances. Palm Beach's experience with Hurricane Katrina emphasized not only the need to be prepared for the disasters and the essential role that police and emergency services have to play in recovery (Kam & Gomez, 2005). Restoration and Recovery of Information Systems and Data Breakdowns of information systems and data loss are not limited to the event of disasters. Natural disasters may impact systems extremely and can impair critical functions when they are needed the most but system attacks, hacking and other related crimes that is becoming the most urgent. Restoration of Information System Operations According to the National Security Agency (NSA), through the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD), information assurance refers to procedures designed to safeguard and secure information and information systems against failure, collapse or attacks. Part of this program is the re-establishment of information systems by the development of security, response and resolution competencies into the system (2006). These standards govern feral information systems and have been adopted by industry as well. These measures include providing for restoration of information systems by incorporating protection, detection, and reaction capabilities. Public sector agencies and departments must comply within the prescribed recovery period and point service levels depending on the significance of their operations and information. They have to take into account considerable quantities of paper and electronic data, data storage distribution, necessity for nonstop operations and high data security and integrity measures (EMC Corporation, 2006) Recovery of Data Data backup and replication are the underlying concern in restoration and recovery. The primary factors considered are cost, management, reliability and security Effective back up strategies limit the need to reinstall programs and regenerate data in the events of data loss. However, data loss over a long period of time either by malicious acts or because of inadequate systems is more difficult to salvage and may go unnoticed (Ginty, 2005).

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Preparing for Terrorism and Disasters in the new age of Health Care Research Paper

Preparing for Terrorism and Disasters in the new age of Health Care - Research Paper Example imilar in their occurrences that pay no regard to national borders and, therefore, no country or community is immune from terrorism and disasters, not even the perpetrators of terrorism themselves. However, depending on the levels and type of preparedness of governments, communities and individuals, vulnerability to terrorism and disasters vary on a wide scale (UNGA, 2012). The most obvious consequences of terrorism and disasters are the setbacks impacted on economic and social development, disruption of water and electricity supply and the crippling of communications and transportation systems. Agreeably, some countries in the developed world are sufficiently prepared to recover from these disruptions, even though the costs in terms of time and finances are considerably high. However, terrorism and disasters also present constant threats to public health, especially among older adults with conditions and disabilities that call for extra assistance, those with chronic diseases and to families with children who have special needs. More importantly, the effects are of magnitudes that surpass the affected communities’ capability to manage with their own resources (UNGA, 2012). It is critical for authorities and communities to plan how they will respond to these vulnerable groups when stricken with terrorism or disasters. Among the preparedness measures is taking care of medication and equipment, notifying health professionals and moving to special shelters. This paper will research and discuss on the topic of preparing for terrorism and disasters in the new age of health care. The presence of threats to public health cannot be doubted, as is manifested in nuclear, natural, terrorist, biological, radiological and chemical incidents. Apart from the traditional causes of health problems which are mainly diseases, terrorist attacks and disasters compound the effects of the complexity of the threats. The impacts these events have on a nation’s well-being are more

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Utilitarianism And Libertarianism Views On Public Policy Issues Philosophy Essay

Utilitarianism And Libertarianism Views On Public Policy Issues Philosophy Essay Ideologies are a set of ideas, ways, thoughts, goals, expectations and actions that are shared within a community. It is made by a society that believes in the same goals, expectations, etc. Its purpose is to offer change in a society where the group belongs. It is a set of views that guides its members on how to see things. Literally, it means the science of ideas. Moreover, it is a set of ideas that characterize a certain group. In this paper, two famous ideologies will be compared. The following topics will be covered in this discussion: What is Utilitarianism? What is Libertarianism? How does Utilitarianism and Libertarianism view the public policy issues on economic inequality, homosexual conduct, and abortion? Which of the two is a more convincing ideology? What is Utilitarianism? Utilitarianism is a theory in ethics that believes in the maximization of things for the benefit of the whole society. It is a form of consequentialism. The goal is commonly referred to as happiness or pleasure. It can be summed up to a general statement which states: The promotion of the greater good for the greatest number. But, there is an ambiguity in the words greater good. It means happiness or pleasure, not necessarily that it means the right thing or wrong thing. According to Bentham, it only means the tendency to augment or diminish happiness or pleasure. When talking about the number, one is equal to one vote; no one identity has a value of two. There are two types of Utilitarianism: Act Utilitarianism and Rule Utilitarianism. Act Utilitarianism believes that the best action is the one that can give the most happiness. It has no moral rules. It believes that for each individual situation, there is an individual action that is to be justified as best if it is for the greatest happiness. On the other hand, Rule Utilitarianism believes that there is a general act of greatest happiness for each situation. In general, it believes in a set of rules or laws that is perceived to be for the greatest happiness. Furthermore, a Rule Utilitarian will consult the rules instead of acting first. What is Libertarianism? Libertarianism is the belief in liberty. It is set of beliefs and ideas which advocates the maximization of an individuals thinking and living by abolishing or minimizing the power of the state. It believes in a world that is free, peaceful and abundant. Also, they want to take control of their own lives without taking into consideration other ideas. Each individual has his own opinions; each individual may choose what to do with his life. Libertarians believe that each individual has his own life and that he has a freedom to choose and live his life. Their goal is to bring liberty into the world. They believe in the non-initiation of force. How does Utilitarianism and Libertarianism view the public policy issues on economic inequality, homosexual conduct, and abortion? First, the issue of economic inequality, the Utilitarians believe that if something is benefiting the whole of the population, it is considered good. For example, if the economic inequality is of benefit to the greater masses and that it brings the greatest happiness for the community, it is considered to be good. But the Act and Rule Utilitarians differ in how they view economic inequality human rights. For an Act Utilitarian, if torture is benefiting the population, even though it is a violation of the human rights in general, it is still good for the Utilitarians. Their goal is just to achieve happiness for the greatest number. If the majority of the people achieve happiness in torturing, it is not wrong for them. Furthermore, for a Rule Utilitarian, human right is considered a moral rule. They follow their rules, whatever it takes. They will protect it whenever possible. Therefore, they believe that economic inequality is not right. On the contrary, for the Libertarians, economi c inequality is a no-no. Libertarians believe in equality, that each individual is entitled to have a fair judgement in the law. Libertarians grant each individual freedom on what they want to do in their lives. They oppose every kind of unequal treatment such as racism, discrimination, etc. Second, the issue of homosexual conduct, for the Utilitarians, same as the one discussed before. They believe in the greater happiness of the greatest number. It does not matter if it is a wrong ethically speaking thing to do. Also, if homosexuality is benefitting the greatest number of the population, then it is still acceptable. If homosexuality brings happiness to the majority of the population, then it is considered a good thing. That is the general case. But like the previous discussion, the Act Utilitarians differ greatly from the Rule Utilitarians. For an Act Utilitarian, if it is not bringing the greatest number of population happiness, then it is considered bad. Even if the thing is right ethically speaking it is not favoured if it does not please the majority. But, for a Rule Utilitarian, human rights are considered a moral rule. That is why they respect these kinds of actions. On the other hand, Libertarians view homosexual conduct as a right to express ones feelings. They are not against these kinds of act. As discussed earlier, the Libertarians view equality as an equal to freedom. They believe that each individual has the right to express his own individuality. Third, the issue of abortion, for the Utilitarians, it is the same old story. The Act and Rule Utilitarians differ greatly on their way of accepting things. For an Act Utilitarian, it will do whatever that they believe is to be benefitting the greatest number of the population. If, for example, abortion is benefitting the society, it is believed to be a right thing to do. If abortion gives happiness to the majority of the community, it is considered to be a good thing. On the other hand, for a Rule Utilitarian, it believes that human right is a moral rule. Thus, abortion is opposed. Furthermore, for the Libertarians, it is very clear that equality and freedom is their goal. Thus, abortion is strongly approved in their ideologies. Their rights as individuals prevail. Although there are some Libertarians that oppose abortion, they have their own views. A view of an individual is respected in their community. Freedom in their thinking is what they advocate. Which of the two is a more convincing ideology? I believe that the points of the Libertarian are more convincing. People are born as free individuals, with human rights. As time goes by, certain rules were implemented as to make the community organized or follow a certain code. But I believe that these implemented rules and codes should not eradicate an individuals human rights. As an individual, I also believe in equality. I believe that each person has a right to live his own life. On the other hand, on the case of abortion, I oppose it because I believe that it is murder. The tiny speckle in the womb of the mother is alive. I believe that it has also its own rights. But comparing Utilitarianism with Libertarianism, the latter is the more convincing ideology. I dont believe that the Utilitarians view of imposing what is right and what is wrong in a society. I dont believe in their labels of good things and bad things. Again, it is a violation of human rights. In the sense that if you are not a part of the majority, you cannot do what you want. You cannot do things that the majority thinks that is bad. This is stripping you of your freedom. That is why I believe in Libertarians better than the Utilitarians.

Friday, October 25, 2019

George’s Life Sacrifice in Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day Essay -- Gloria Na

George’s Life Sacrifice in Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day George and Ophelia, two characters in Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day, have a complex yet intimate relationship. They meet in New York where they both live. Throughout their hardships, Ophelia and George stay together and eventually get married. Ophelia often picks fights with George to test his love for her, and time after time, he proves to her that he does love her. Gloria Naylor uses George as a Christ figure in his relationship with Ophelia to eventually save her life. While visiting her relatives in Willow Springs, Ophelia becomes deathly ill as a result of evil forces on the island. George tries to think of ways to save her, but he cannot get to a real doctor. The real doctors are across the bridge, which has been destroyed by the hurricane. George helps with rebuilding the bridge practically 24 hours a day, but eventually he becomes disgusted with the others who are working on the bridge, believing that they work too slowly. In his frustration, he speaks in his mind retrospectively to Ophelia: â€Å"If there was a boat ...

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Motivation and Tourism

As it is a human right to have a holiday, this report discus the motivating reasons and the appeal factors why people choose their tourist destination. The report will start with definitions of tourism and motivation, followed buy a few theories of motivation, and ending with a conclusion. Theses theories are relating to the push of individual/s to embark on a holiday, and the pull of the tourist destination. Definitions †¢ According to the UK Tourism Society and cited in the BTEC National Travel and Tourism book, by Elise James, Joanne Thirlaway and Ursula Woodhouse. (2007, pg3) Their defection of tourism is as follows. â€Å" The temporary, short-term movement of people to destinations outside the places where they normally live and work, and their activities during their stay at these destinations.† †¢ Motivation as defined in the in the book Tourism: Principles and Practices. By Cooper, Fletcher, Gilbert, Shepherd and Wanhill, 2nd edition. (1998, pg32) Is â€Å" Derives from the word ‘motivate’, which is to course a person to act in a certain way, or to stimulate interest†. Definitions of Tourism and Motivation There’re as many different types of holidays and tourists destinations, as there are people. Personality traits have a lot to account for in the decision making process, of where we choose to go on holiday. Mr Stanley Plog in 1974 (Holloway 6th ed, 2002) developed a theory, which classified the general US public into two desictive groups. †¢ Psycho-centric A tourist that is more concerned with himself or herself, more than often is anxious about the security of travelling. They enjoy a resort or group package style holiday. Would more than likely be a return visitor for the comfort of familiarity. Example of this would be a Packaged style holiday to Spain. Were the tourist has purchased the transport and accommodation as one product. †¢ Allocentric A tourist that seeks excitement, novelty, and mostly likes being out of his or hers comfort zone. They would have no qualms of travelling alone to or from a destination by them selves, or stay outside the resort or hotel environment. Examples of this would be a backpacker, staying at a hostel in Budapest. Not only is it a non-English speaking country, it is also out side of the European Union. Making it more exciting to the true allocentric. As this is only a theory, one cannot just place every body into two boxes. So of course in practice, holidaymakers fall somewhere in between these to extreme examples as mid-centric. Plog’s theories are also discusses in Tourism: Principles and Practices (Cooper et al, 1998 pg35) they suggest his theories are hard to apply inside the tourist industry. â€Å"Tourist will travel with different motivations on different occasions.† They also follow on to suggest, that out of these individuals that gravitate more towards the psycho-centric are of a lower incomes. This in turn would limit the style or type of holiday they would go on. There motivations wouldn't be different just the tourist destination. It would just mean that having a domestic holiday would be more appealing to save money. The family might opt for a low-key holiday like going camping in the Lake District, or to a Butlins seaside resort. Incomes are one of the major factors in deciding where to travel. As we have briefly discussed a budget holiday and Plog’s theories. He would suggest that on the other side of the scale tourists with more expendable funds would certainly have different destinations in mind. But with money comes affordability, witch fashion and trends are a by-product of. Just like keeping up with the latest cloths fashions, is the appeal of some destination. This would be the chase, and not wanting to stereotype here. But for or the young generation there will always be the seduction of the four S’s. This will most definitely appeal to most 18 to 35, which are looking to partake in an atmosphere that is more carefree. Escaping to destinations that are away from the judgement in their local environment. This trend will pull tourist to places like Ibiza, which offers sun, sea, sand and sex. But like all cloths they go out of fashion and tastes change. As Holloway says, â€Å"that all products, including tourism will experience a life cycle of growth, maturity, saturation and eventually decline†. Being young is just one place in the Cycle of Life. It is human nature to evolve, to grow in all areas of life and seek better things. Wells and Gubar (1966) (T:PP 2nded Cooper et al pg 41 1998) cauterised the life cycle of families in the USA, from bachelor to retired stage as seen in the graph. (Figure 3) What was appealing to a young person will certainly change when one has more obligations, to their employer and maybe their family. They theorize that as an individual moves through the life cycle there needs and wants as a tourist will change. The tourist needs are the psychological needs they are not the essential needs of survival. In explaining these need better Abraham Maslow (1966), came up with a hierarchy of needs. (See Figure 1) The graph shows that if more of the Basic and Safety needs are achieved. We’ll then move on to more Social, Esteem, and Self-actualisation needs. These needs are for well being, such as the need to relax, to have fun and to be in love. The need maybe is to escape their daily route, or to have sought better weather. These are like the push factors or the motivators, to take the time to have a holiday. Figure 4 shows a range of other motivators for overseas travels from the UK. As explained in Holloways book (Holloway 6th ed 2002) these Push Factors are the General Motivators that arise out of our individual perception, of what will satisfy our needs. He also talks about general motivators as a broad reason to travel, and is the start of the decision making process. Examples of this would be someone seeks change, maybe from urban environment. They mite looking at going away to the rural setting, perhaps a weekend in the Cotswolds, (See Figure 5) or vice versa. Holloway also follows to say that along with General there is a Specific motivation to travel. The consumer has, in some way got a perception of the destination in mind, will meet their specific needs. The destination in mind might have health befits to the tourist. The attraction to Bath spa might just be, to have a day of relaxation to rest the body in the warm water. The tourist enjoys Broadway musical, so a trip to London’s West end it could be (See Figure 6). Or there is a certain attraction that's pulling yourself or maybe your family. Like a trip to Disneyland, were the attraction is the destination. Places like these are very convenient, as the accommodation is nearby or on site of the attraction. May be it the mode of transport that has your attention, like a train trip on the Glacier Express? What ever the motivation there is a process to explain it, and it is lustrated in this simple flow cart. (See Figure 4) The chart briefly out lines the consumers needs, the attraction of the destination, then ending motivation. Conclusion Just start off by saying that yes it is a human right to travel, and have time off from work. But being a tourist to some people is a luxury they just can’t afford. There is always going to be two most important factors of be coming a tourist, that's time and money. If either one of these two things is lacking, it makes it very difficult to involve in any tourist activity. But in saying that one doesn’t need to travel far to become a tourist in ones own country. Looking back at plogs theory, It would suggest that one is more allocentric domestically, than international. The motivations in relation to travel is very diverse, the push to go on holiday is always going to exist. It’s the biggest industry in the world customer and consumers are only going to increase. The pull of the destination will change as we all move trough our lives. Our life choices, our attitudes, and the perceptions of other destinations will change. Through the media and other people infusions, will shape the type of holidays we choose. The appeal in going to a certain destinations is forever going to up to the individual. And just like the freedom of rest and leisure, we have a freedom of choice.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Reflection of “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr.

For our honors portfolio this quarter we were required to read three documents. We, then, were quizzed over each of the readings. First, we read â€Å"Letter from a Birmingham Jail† by Martin Luther King, Jr. , then, we read the transcript of President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, and last but not least, we read â€Å"Millennial Makeover† by Morley Winograd and Michael Hais. Furthermore, we had to read and analyze the documents because the quizzes required us to think deeper than the written words on the paper. I believe these documents are critical because they have shaped the government and our society today.My favorite of these three documents, if I had to pick, would be â€Å"Letter from a Birmingham Jail†, not only because I admire Martin Luther King Jr. , but also because this letter is a very powerful and inspiring piece of work. Luther wrote while being confined in a jail in Birmingham, Alabama, for participating in civil rights demonstrati ons. His letter states that he will continue resisting nonviolently against racial discrimination and pleads the readers to see segregation from a different point of view. Moreover, I noticed that he quoted many people including Apostle Paul, St.  Augustine, Reinhold Niebuhr and many others.This made me realize that he most likely had the quotations memorized since he didn’t have access to those sources while imprisoned. He mentions that â€Å"injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere† and that â€Å"an unjust law is no law at all† (Luther). This means that an unjust law causes harm; for example, if it is lawful to torture a certain group of people, then that is not a law whatsoever. This idea of injustice affects many directly, but also affects everyone else indirectly in the fact that prejudice is occurring around them.Furthermore, his words describe in detail what segregation was like and what people like him had to go through. This impacted me b ecause now, the idea of racial discrimination is completely frowned upon, while in the 1900’s it was something that seemed right and normal. It took years of hard work, bloody massacres, and non-stop action to obtain equality and I hate to see that a little bit of racism still exists today. The idea that immigrants are taking away jobs and opportunities that should be for U. S. citizens, surprises me because this country was founded and created by immigrants.Instead of seeing different countries and different people in one world, we should see the whole world as one, because every human being, no matter what race, has his/her own rights and should have the same opportunities that his neighbor does. Luther is one of the most charismatic and persuasive people in history and has not only inspired many, but also revolutionized a country’s view. He wrote this letter hoping to stir up some emotion and I think he got his point across in a very non-violent and mature kind of w ay that was unexpected and at the same time, admirable.His stance of a nonviolent action and the desperate cry for an end to social discrimination is as powerful now as it was 50 years ago. We now stand by these liberal values and believe the God has made us all equal and has given us certain rights that no law can take away. Although this was not an easy project, I certainly did learn something from it and it inspired me to stand up for my beliefs, but also, in a way, allowed me to see that anything is possible through hard work.

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John F. Kennedy Essays (654 words) - City-states, De-Stalinization

John F. Kennedy Essays (654 words) - City-states, De-Stalinization John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy was president of the United States of America from 1961 to 1963. Once he was elected Khrushchev (the Russian leader who was a Communist) tried to test the young president and see how far he could push the new American president. While in office Kennedy faced many obstacles that he had to overcome. Quite a few of them were against the Russians who were communists. After the second World War , Germany was split up into two new nations. One which was being controlled by the Russians ,that was called East Germany. In East Germany there was a communist government. The other nation was being controlled by England , France , and the US ,that was called West Germany. In West Germany there was a democratic government. The capitol of ?Old Germany? was the city of Berlin. Berlin was now located in East Germany. Berlin was split up into two different cities they were East and West Berlin. East Berlin was controlled by the communists. West Berlin was controlled by the democrats. On August 12, 1961 the Communists closed off the line between East and West Berlin and didn?t even let the commuters who worked in West Berlin but lived in East Berlin go to work. The trains and railroads were also cut off. Nobody knew how long this would be going on for. A reporter tried to cross the border of East Berlin and a guard said to him ?You are not allowed to go through we received instructions to this effect about an hour and age.? In 1961 people all over the US were debating if the US should go to war with the Russians and in August 1961 the pentagon ordered reservists to active service. Around 76,500 men most of them who were fathers and were in either World War Two or in the Korean War were being called to go back by the president. But after weeks of uncertainty and hopes and opinions that the whole crisis will ?somehow blow over? the reality of the crisis in Berlin struck America. A lot of times the crisis almost resulted in a war. One example is that two East German tankers squirted water from a powerful hose onto two young American GI?s. The GI?s were taught not to fire unless fired upon. So they reached for their grenades and were about to throw it when the tankers stopped spraying them. Events like this were not very rare. The troops on both sides were not easily provoked. The leaders on each side would try to do everything in their power to avoid a war. After a while there were rumors that Khrushchev wanted to have ?peace talks? if he really meant it the US was ready to go ahead with ?peace talks? only if the ?peace talks? would guarantee the freedom of the people in West Berlin. Most people believed that Khrushchev did not realize that by threatening Kennedy he would get the US to leave West Berlin. But a couple of people thought that Khrushchev had recognized he had not done anything by threatening Kennedy and they thought that the Russian communists really wanted to have ?peace talks? these people said that ?He now accepts that it is impossible to force the Democrats out of West Berlin by threats and that he will take care that his East German satellites don?t drive the Soviet Union into war.? {Newsweek - Berlin - p 17 } For war there are two key factors they are ?timing? and ?nerve?. ?In a free society President Kennedy was under far stronger public pressure than Khrushchev to pull back from the brink of war.? { Newsweek - Berlin - p 17 } BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 Hafner, Katie The House At The Bridge New York : Scribner 1995 2 ?Berlin? Newsweek 13 - 17 (September 4, 1961) 3 ?Warsaw Pact States Says Allies? Routes Remain Open? New York Times (August 13, 1961)

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Threat Assessment of Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Essay Example

Threat Assessment of Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Essay Example Threat Assessment of Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Essay Threat Assessment of Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Essay Threat Assessment of Ping Sweeps and Port Scans Ping sweeps and port scans are two techniques that a malicious computer user such as a hacker can utilize to compromise an Enterprise networks security and gain access to their proprietary data. For example, private email messages can be forwarded to a rogue destination email address: Done by installing a virus program into a user’s email client through a discovered active computers open TCP/IP IMAP port (port number 143) that is not being currently used by that user (Clarke, 2008). The virus then could take advantage of security vulnerabilities in that users email client program and forward emails from that users inbox over to another destination email address without them knowing about it. Therefore, in light of such exploits as just described it is vitally important to address and mitigate the security problem to an Enterprise network from ping sweeps and port scans that can be incurred from outside sources by the use of strong Firewall protections. To better comprehend the danger that ping sweeps and port scans can represent here is a more detailed explanation of each of these techniques. Ping sweeps First, a ping is a computer network utility tool using the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to send multiple data packets to a target host device such as server, workstation, or printer to establish whether that host device on a network is actively present (turned on, or active) and able to communicate. If the target host device in question sends back a reply then that device is determined to indeed be active on the network. So therefore, a ping sweep is number of pings that are executed to determine which out of a range of IP addresses map over to live host devices (Rouse, 2005). To perform this task there are several available software tools to choose from, such as fping, gping, and Nmap for UNIX systems. Also, there is Rhino9’s Pinger software and SolarWinds Ping Sweep for Windows systems. After using such a tool a malicious user can know which host devices on a network are actively available and then proceed to performing a technique called a port scan to try to gain access to those devices. Port Scanning Port scanning is technique used to identify any open or closed Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP) network communication ports or services on a network host device. For example, port number 110 is assigned to Post Office Protocol three (POP3) for email client application communications on a network. There can be up to 65,000 ports any one computer or host device and any unused open ports as determined by a port scan may allow a malicious user unauthorized access to it. This is akin to an open window in a house whereas a burglar can gain access to it (Facts about port, ). Also, accessive port scanning can lead to a denial of service (DoS) attack and not allow authorized users to access their data. Finally, there are again several utility tools available to perform port scanning such as Nmap as mentioned previously or SolarWinds Port scanner. Firewall To mitigate the security threat posed by ping sweeps and port scans it is highly recommended that firewall protection on all network hosts devices should be enabled to close any unused ports to protect them from unauthorized access. Also, is recommended that the use of a firewall server to protect the network from any outside intruders be used as well. In conclusion, ping sweeping and port scanning can threaten the security of a Business Enterprises network and steps to handle security should be implemented to mitigate as much as possible any possibility that any data is kept confidential, that its integrity remains intact, and is always available.

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Get Top-Notch Academic Papers From Experts

Get Top-Notch Academic Papers From Experts Do you have urgent tasks? Is your assignment complicated that you do not understand how to start it? We are a reputable company that can assist you. We have experts in all fields. They are experienced and have the required qualifications for this type of work. Each of our professionals is an expert in a specific industry, and we consider that when assigning work. Would you love to improve your academic performance? Contact us and enjoy the following benefits on top of quality work: Urgent orders We understand that students can, at times, need services with a fast turnaround. Our company takes care of this by giving your project to a skilled yet fast writer who can handle your work between 3-6 hours based on the workload. However, you may have to pay more for urgent orders. You will pay a fair price when you give us orders with a longer deadline. Strict anti-plagiarism policy Our core objective is to give our clients quality work. 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First of all, before you start composing your project, you should thoroughly understand what your assignment is all about. In simple terms, ask yourself What is an analytical essay? Like any other work, your paper should be structured in three main parts: the introduction, the body and finally, the concluding paragraph, which is mainly a summary of the main points. The introduction should always aim at getting the readers to be interested in what you are writing. The first sentence should capture the readers attention. It must, therefore, be surprising and exciting. Which ways can you hook the reader? You can add a rhetorical question that drives the reader into thinking in a specific way. Secondly, you can include a controversial statement as this gives a reader the urge to know how you are going to support it or how unique your idea is. Thirdly, the student can think of presenting some relevant statistics related to the topic. It is from this introductory statement that the reader can judge if you know how to write a good analytical essay. Next, add a thesis statement. After ensuring that you have a hook that will engage the reader, you need to make a strong claim. The thesis statement should be clear. Structure of Paragraphs From a Professional Point of View In an essay, the thesis statement should be backed up to prove your claims. In this part, a lot of research should be done to get data and facts. The study should support and answer all questions relating to what you are analyzing, be it a book, a film or any other academic work. How you present these ideas is also very important. For instance, make the paragraphs have flow and make sure each section consist of three essential sets of sentences. First, always write the topic sentence. Secondly, have sentences with claims and use evidence to support those claims. These can be three or even more but should not make the paragraph too lengthy. Write the main ideas precisely and avoid beating around the bush. Finally, have a concluding statement that connects what you have discussed in that paragraph and how it relates to the topic sentence. After you have presented your main ideas in the body, one more paragraph is needed to wrap up your main statements: the conclusion. It should not bring out any new thoughts and should not be a direct copy of what you have said in the body. You can relate this to the real world and maybe finish with a quote. The concluding paragraph is just a brief explanation of how to write an analytical essay step by step as it summarizes the main points. Tips for Writing an Analytical Essay from Our Experts Besides knowing what you need to talk about, students need to understand and make use of some tips to ensure they present flawless work. These tips do not just make your work quality, but also give you an easy time to structure and present your content the ideal way. Note that the structure is as important as the ideas to be displayed. Know the Objectives of the Analysis Beforehand First of all, you must know the goal of your analytical paper before you begin to write. Let your intentions be precise, so you do not have to outline lots of irrelevant information. Knowing objectives helps present arguments and claims on what you are analyzing. Ideas can be broken down. Evidence is then researched and written down. Your lecturer can choose a topic for you, or it can be left up to you. If its upon you, the better. Makes sure you decide what you are more conversant about. For instance, in the case of a film, choose the character that motivates you more. Selecting a passionate topic eases your work, and makes it easier to know how to begin an analytical essay. Brainstorm and Select a Thesis Statement Choosing a thesis statement can also be challenging for unskilled students. First, give yourself time to brainstorm and outline ideas of your topic of interest. Pick the main concepts and any texts surrounding it and do not be too quick to dispel other notions that seem unimportant. Always ensure that you have evidence for what you are presenting. You, therefore, need to dedicate plenty of time to collect this information. Lacking evidence makes your work feel like an opinion which can result in you getting low scores. It is therefore essential to gather credible sources and structure of an analytical essay. Contact Us for All Your Academic Needs Our writer will take time to think about the topics you have presented to us. You, therefore, do not have to rush, pressure yourself or mess your grades by submitting tasks that do not meet the required quality and standards. Get in touch with our experts and get tips on how to make an analytical essay that will improve your academic performance. Call us now.