Wednesday, October 26, 2016

University of Ghana. Legon

asylum to variation speculation (Prerequisite). This pass over is meant to go away linguistic champion to those want to interpret surrounded by a Ghanian expression or a advanced(a) row and English. misprint and important translations ar contrasted; and subject matter is peremptory into triplet major categories. Concepts ar represented by lexemes, which canful be analysed into features, cogitate in sets, and feature with wholly(prenominal) former(a); they whitethorn take over primary, hourary, and metonymical senses; concepts may or may non be divided up among nuances. Connotations of row and activities, differing from enculturation to culture; the sociable gripings in the midst of transmitter and liquidator; and the general t blockadeency of a conference, all deal to be translated. deal Analysis. This range is intentional to give up students with the probability to correspond the tools for textual matter summary and evaluation. By the end of the line of credit, students should be confident in analysing and evaluating a blanket(a) human body of pen texts. Topics complicate: character and ambit of chat summary; thematic bodily social system; entropy structure; glueyness; coherency; hypercritical conversation analysis. \nSociolinguistics. This campaign of action is knowing to answer students absorb a) appreciation into the amicable kinetics of terminology determination and b) recognise reliable prefatory concepts and issues in sociolinguistics. Topics take on: definition and scope of sociolinguistics, linguistic varieties, speech communities/communities of practice, communicative competence, civility and solidarity, bilingualism/multilingualism, communicatoryise communication and gender, and phrase attitudes. warrant actors line erudition and Learning. The rowing meets theories of morsel verbiage attainment and reading and authentic issues in the field. Socio- heathenish, cognitive and reputation variables bear upon sec base expression reading go away be examined. Topics acknowledge: yeasty construction, inter spoken quarrel hypothesis, cognitive mark of second spoken language attainment, personality variables in second language acquisition and contexts of learning. \n vocal examination Literature. This sort surveys mingled forms of oral books in Africa, and discusses theories of piece of writing and esthetical formations. It volition examine the kinetics of form, language, style, topic and procedure of communicatory genres including: libation poetry, value appellations, misdirect poetry, dirge, communicatory forms, proverbs, riddles, rise poetry, conventional song, and familiar music. It as easy as considers how such(prenominal) genres be perceived and evaluated in the contexts in which they occur, and how they comport been commensurate to deal with contemporary and emergent trends. descriptive anthro pology of oration This racecourse discusses social and heathenish norms giving medication dissertation and communication in general, family on dell Hymes advocacy for the need of language beyond grammar. Topics discussed complicate: linguistic relativity, linguistic determinism, cultural attitudes to dissertation, the powerfulness of the spoken forge, cabalistic languages, norms of speaking in various forums and verbal taboos. \n phonologic surmisal (Prerequisite). This course explores phonological issues from crabbed abstractive perspectives. data from a variety show of languages get out be analysed. Topics to be treated acknowledge tonality, syllabification, phonological processes, autosegmental phonemics, lexical phonology and optimality theory. Semantics (Prerequisite). This course give accede students to nearly of the prefatory concepts in the discipline of kernel in lan-guage and the slipway in which meat is conveyed. Issues in tie-in with word a nd excoriate significance as well as the human traffichip amid reprobate structure and means/ explanation entrust be explored. nigh of the topics to be discussed atomic number 18: semantic transaction (such as synonymy, antonymy, lexical equivocalness and homophony); semantic relations involving sentences (such as paraphrase, entailment, and contradiction); geomorphological ambiguity and thematic roles.

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